Types of Therapeutic Massages

Depending on the type of massage you can use different movements such as rubbing, friction, kneading, beating or vibration, also combine with different intensities, from the lightest and lightest, to the strongest.

Among the discomforts that are treated are those caused by arthritis, for example, therapeutic massage is a non-invasive and natural way to reduce inflammation of the joints; or those caused by psychological or neurological situations, therapeutic massage helps to control and lower levels of anxiety, stress and improve the quality of life, reduce symptoms of insomnia.

Types of Therapeutic Massages

Depending on the type of massage you can use different movements such as rubbing, friction, kneading, beating or vibration, also combine with different intensities, from the lightest and lightest, to the strongest.

The best known therapeutic massages are:

Benefits in the mind and the brain

It is one of the most common, it must be done according to the circulation of the blood and with a series of strokes in the muscles to warm them, it is sought that the massage can reach in a deeper way, its purpose is to relax, improve circulation, reduce pain, eliminate contractures and toxins. You can use some oil while it is done and the intensity can vary depending on the person.

Massage with hot stones

As its name mentions, hot stones are placed along the back, this helps to transmit heat to the muscles to eliminate tension and achieve a state of relaxation, it also includes movement and pressure in the muscles. It can be combined with the use of cold stones, commonly done to treat some injury caused by exercise. Its purpose is to relieve tension and eliminate stress.

Circulatory Massage

It has the purpose of improving the circulatory and lymphatic system, with a better circulation, favors the organs and especially the heart; the oxygen levels in the blood increase and at the end of the session you will be completely relaxed and with a slight increase in temperature.

Yoga Massage Therapy applies high compression techniques to detoxify and oxygenate the body.

Deep tissue massage

This type of massage can be a little more intense than the previous ones, it requires movements with greater pressure to reach the deeper parts of the tissue, it has the purpose of eliminating toxins, pain and muscular tension. This type of massage can leave the sensation of pain for a few days.

Yoga Massage Therapy uses ancestral techniques of deep tissue that do not compromise the individual without causing discomfort or discomfort after the session.

Sport Massage

It can be done before a competition as a warm-up massage, during physical activity to recover mobility and after exercise to relax the body, you can even use massages for rehabilitation in case of injuries. Among its benefits are, improve joints, blood flow, oxygenation, help recover after training, eliminates toxins and dead cells.

Yoga Massage Therapy is highly recommended as a substitute for conventional sports massage because its complexity promotes lasting benefits.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a combination of influences from the cultural spheres and traditions of Indian medicine known as Ayurveda, China and Southeast Asia. It is also known as Thai Yoga or Thai massage; , is a type of massage -or perceptive massage- that consists of a stretching and deep massage. This form of body work is usually performed on the floor, with the patient dressed in comfortable clothing that allows movement in the session using techniques of acupressure (marmas and trigger points), assisted yoga positions are performed and combined with some pressures on specific muscles, works with the flexibility to achieve better circulation and mobility, helps the joints and the nervous system for those who receive the massage.

The therapist uses his hands, elbows and even knees to put pressure on the points or muscles which produces a deeper treatment with better effects on health. Yoga Massage Therapy includes Thai massage in a unique combination with other ancestral techniques such as martial arts.

Neuromuscular Massage

It is not done in the whole body, it focuses only on points known as trigger, particularly fingers, hands and elbows. It also helps activate blood flow, since it is done with pressure, sometimes using a tool called T-bar, is indicated for people who have neck pain, tingling or numbness of hands or feet and joint pain. With stimulation, it allows the muscles to be oxygenated and helps eliminate lactic acid that can cause pain. Yoga Massage Therapy uses the active point release technique as part of the whole neuromuscular treatment.

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda is a philosophy from India that has endured over the years, among its forms is Ayurvedic massage, which focuses on the individuality of each assistant to assess what are their alterations and imbalances in the body that are causing discomfort.

Then you must choose the type of Ayurvedic massage to be made, as well as the oils indicated for your session, these vary depending on the objectives and benefits of each one, they can also be combined with herbs or seeds.

Particularly the oils that are used must not contain chemical substances, transgenic or must contain salt, it is intended to be completely organic and to be cold pressed.

Yoga Massage Therapy combines different techniques of Ayurvedic deep tissue massage and marmas treatment with the best Ayurvedic products to guarantee a complete and conscientious treatment and skin nutrition as a major organ and recipient of the environment.

Yoga Massage Therapy is an excellent option to contemplate when choosing a therapeutic massage as it dynamically combines and fuses different types of techniques, and knowledge, which increases the benefits and duration of them.

It is a treatment that addresses pathologies mechanical and neurological problems, also works in mental and spiritual health. Therefore, it is a more complete and satisfactory therapy.

For more information, and advice on the benefits of therapeutic massage of Yoga Massage Therapy we invite you to make book your appointment in Yoga Massage Therapy.

In Yoga Massage Therapy we also have workshops for all public that will allow you to train and learn the different techniques of massage therapy.

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