Benefits of Meditation

First it is necessary to understand a bit what meditation refers to, since it is a specific task but that is perceived differently in each person, is to seek a state of consciousness, concentration and focus of the mind.

It is a millenary practice that comes from the East (India), is commonly associated with spirituality, however, there are different techniques to carry it out, it is currently also used as an alternative therapy for some specific cases and scientific studies confirm that it has real benefits for the body and the brain.

Benefits of Meditation

With the practice of meditation, the mind can focus completely on the here and now and is done with different objectives.

It is because of its benefits that many people want to approach meditation, since only a few times a week changes can be noticed, and if it is done regularly, it has an impact on the functioning and improvement of the brain because it helps to prevent the brain from aging.

Benefits in the mind and the brain

Improves serenity, concentration, attention and creativity

The state of concentration is empowered, in addition to this practice, a person can get to be more creative and have a state of serenity. When you practice meditation, you should concentrate on one thing, for example, your breathing for a long period and on a day-to-day basis this helps the brain to concentrate and focus more intensely on a task.

Memory is enhanced

In your day to day you can see how your memory is improving, you can remember more easily things that were difficult for you to retain.

It helps to have a clearer mind and greater emotional intelligence

Practicing meditation also helps you to concentrate and know yourself, so by being more aware of our thoughts leads us to understand more easily what happens to us, in this way emotions can be controlled.

Improves mood and happiness

You can be in a better mood, in addition to your attitude to life and various situations changes to improve, you will become more optimistic, it also helps reduce negative thoughts and concerns, so you will only focus on the positive.

It helps to develop more awareness

As you go deeper into meditation, you will notice that you perceive the world in a different way, you focus more on the positive things, you put forward the virtues, love and happiness, little by little you will leave aside those negative and toxic feelings.

In addition to the direct benefits to the brain it also has an impact on the body

It can be useful to reduce the level of anxiety, stress or depression

In this sense, some specialists recommend the practice of meditation to reduce levels of anxiety or even depression, sometimes the rhythm of daily life, combined with other factors can trigger some of these problems. By including meditation, our therapeutic massage sessions have positive effects on the body and are related to the activation of the region responsible for happiness in the brain

Helps reduce high blood pressure

This is because when a state of very high concentration is reached, the blood flow of the body decreases, when being calm also the calm is reflected in the body.

Reduces physical and muscular body pains

We must not forget that the sensation of pain comes directly from the brain, so practicing meditation influences this area so that these body pains diminish.

Improve the quality of sleep

It is because the level of melatonin rises that it produces a feeling of well-being and helps to sleep more easily.

Did you know that meditation also has benefits if you are taking a Yoga Massage Therapy Individual Session?

In our practice of Yoga Massage Therapy also includes meditation on your routine, it can help you achieve a greater state of relaxation, balance and tranquility, which allows that can be transmitted in future sessions, in addition to this, meditation also has benefits in learning, this is based on the principle that says you can not give what you do not have, so the importance of who will be in charge of giving a relaxation massage is in that same state.

On the other hand, if soon you will take a massage session, this state of relaxation you can practice while you are in it, you will notice how the benefits will be potentiated, you will get more tranquility and will considerably reduce the muscular pains, although it is a moment where Once you do not achieve advanced stages in the first sessions, the level of concentration you can achieve in your massage session will help you increase your sensory abilities and relax your mind.

Studies confirm that those who practice meditation have more activated gray matter and generate more connections in the brain. It has also been used as a reinforcement at the time of being in rehabilitation for an addiction such as smoking, as it is also related to the management of stress and anxiety.

It is an area with a lot of research opportunity, some studies have been carried out, however, we need to explore more about this practice.

Now that you know the benefits of meditation, it may be a good time to include it in your life and start your therapeutic massage sessions of Yoga Massage Therapy, you will surely be happy with the positive changes it will bring you.




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